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This eyelash curler is for natural curling your eyelashes without causing any harm to your eyelids. Easy to operate eyelash curler. Thus making it easy for you to curl your lashes as per your desire.


  • LONG FANNED LASHES – This lash curler help you to attain those beautiful long lasting and more voluminous lashes.
  • EASY CURLING – That contour curve and a stronger spring is designed to make it easier for you to curl your lashes. This will result into a beautiful longer lasting curl.
  • COMFORTABLE – This curler has ergonomic handles that makes it easier and more comfortable to use.
  • ADDITIONAL RUBBER PAD – This curler comes with an additional rubber pad you can use to restore bounciness when the original one gets soft and worn out.
  • DURABLE – All metal parts are made of selected carbon steel (a metal that is stronger and more durable than stainless steel). Carbon steel is resistant to rust, thus making this product more durable.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG SPRING – Spring-Loaded Hinge helps regulate the correct amount of pressure applied to your lashes. The design uses carefully selected durable springs. Thus making it easy to smoothly and firmly use the lash curler from time to time. Also, making it easy to open the curler without any hustle.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL EYESHAPE – This eyelash curler complements eye shape of all women. It complements a special curve design thus catering for all eye shapes.


  • High Quality Material – Carbon steel and ABS
  • Length – 10.5cm

Purpose: This lash curler is for natural curling your eyelashes without causing any harm to your eyelids. This lash curler is easy to operate. Thus, making it easy for you to achieve curled eyelashes that will last for a longer period of time.


6 reviews for Eyelash Curler Beauty Eyelash Tool Lash Curler

  1. Lina

    It works really well, almost too good! Lol I over curled my eyelashes.. great price too.

  2. Janet

    This works great and doesn’t pull my lashes – and it’s a fraction of the cost of many

  3. Wymhar

    This is the best curler I have ever used!Not only is it super sturdy metal, (a must so I can warm it with my blowdryer) I love the newfound lack of hinge in my cheekbones when using this one – super nice.

  4. Kels

    I have had the same eyelash curler for years but it definitely needed to be replaced. I had purchased 3 different ones prior to this one and they all, literally fell apart after a week of use. I took a chance on this one because of the springy mechanism and was hoping for the best. Two weeks in and its holding up just as well as the first day. The design is sturdy, it has a spring like mechanism to control clamping down too hard, and the silicone pads are easy on the eyelashes. The design is waaay different than my old skool Revlon relic eyelash curler (RIP), but this one was very easy to get used to. It took a little practice but it has been smooth sailing ever since. I have seen reviews about people getting their eyelashes cut from this but that’s usually because they have tried curling them AFTER applying mascara, huge no-no. This one doesn’t even get close to pinching my eyelids while still giving a great curl from the base of my eyelashes. Great design, comfortable to use, sturdy, and at an excellent price point.

  5. Sibahle

    It does curl my lashes okay, but when you release if you have it too close (or maybe my cheeks are just so chubby) that it constantly pinches me! It hurts and leaves marks! I feel like this could be a bit of me but it shouldn’t be designed that it can so easily do that. It does feel fairly sturdy though. Also comes with an extra rubber bit.

  6. Lucy

    This eyelash curler, the eyelid primer, and face primer from e.l.f. are my holy grail products. The spring is super strong so my eyelashes are curled to the point where they touch my eyebrows. Sometimes, I skip mascara entirely because of how dramatic the lift is with this product. I should note that if you bring it too close to your cheek, there is a part that pinches your skin a little below your eyelid, so just be aware of the distance you hold the curler.

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