Covid 19 Policy

It is in our best interest to play a part in reducing the transmission of Coronavirus among our Stakeholders. At Adornelt we are committed to caring for the wellbeing of our stakeholders and play a formidable role in flattening the curve.

During these uncertain times we are taking precautionary measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus. We are abiding by the Covid 19 regulations and guidelines To sustain a healthy and safe working environment

Our company policy is susceptible to adjustments and any essential changes due to additional precautionary guidelines imposed by the government.

This company policy applies to all the stakeholders of Adornelt Beauty~Care.

Use of Facial Masks

At Adornelt we remain committed in wearing our masks and adhere to the regulations and guidelines being imposed by the health officials. It is our responsibility to protect all the customers we serve in accordance to the guidelines recommended by the health officials.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures

Adornelt continues to abide by sanitizing protocols while packing your orders. This is done on a plea to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Maintain Social Distance

At Adornelt we continue to maintain a social distance while meeting the Driver during the collection process of your orders. We also make it a point to wear face masks and sanitize while meeting the driver during the collection processes of your orders.

For more regulations and guidelines about covid 19 Read More

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