Create a Non-Surgical Facelift Using A Concealer

Create A Non-Surgical Facelift with your Concealer

Have you ever thought of having a facelift but don’t want to go through surgery? Surely you can create a temporary Non-Surgical Facelift by merely using your concealer. You don’t always need to go through cosmetic surgery to transform your facial looks.

If you are like many beauty and makeup enthusiasts you would agree with me that a concealer is a go to beauty product. It’s a solution to temporarily erase dark marks, dark circles and even acne scars. With the advancement in beauty and makeup industry, beauty enthusiasts are starting to realize that you can create any facial look you have ever dreamt of. Among these facial makeup looks is a Non-Surgical Facelift being wowed by beauty enthusiasts?

“Any hack that can lift the appearance of the skin is worth investing” Erin Parsons.

Sometimes we look at the mirror, only to find out that we aren’t in harmony with the image looking back at us. We sometimes wish, if only we could rewind the clock to have that youthful skin we once regarded as our pride. We often spend a lot of time wondering on how we can do away with skin sagging and wrinkles.

Of course, one could argue that there is a surgical facelift for combating saggy skin and wrinkles. But it’s not everyone who can afford. Also, a surgical facelift aren’t a decision one can make overnight. It’s something to ponder upon since the procedure is permanent and life changing.

Also, it’s natural for woman to have mixed feelings about their facial looks.  Today a woman can wake up in love with her facial features. Tomorrow she might wake up feeling indifferent about her facial looks. Hence it isn’t an overnight decision to go for a surgical facelift.

Having articulated the aforementioned, the million dollar question is how one can attain a non-surgical facelift.


How to create A Non-surgical Facelift with your Concealer?

Beauties are often used to the traditional application of concealer whereby the whole focus is directed under the eye area. The technique we often regard to as the upside down triangle concealer technique.

However, the non-surgical facelift diverts the whole focus on inner and outer corners of the eye, corners of your nose, and the corners of your lips. This is a go to technique. This is because it creates a natural ultra-flattering facelift effect and a no-makeup makeup look.


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This non-surgical facelift is easy to attain by merely using a single product. It’s suitable for all skin type. Meaning all women from all walks of life can enjoy a facelift effect without going through surgery.

However, just like any other beauty hack, you should always use the right products to attain great results. If you want a smooth, crease free finish you should consider a lightweight, hydrating concealer. This helps you to avoid on emphasizing the appearance of cow feet lines. You should also go for a shade that’s one or two shades lighter than your own natural skin tone.

To rock on an optimal application you should go for a concealer brush. This is because, using a concealer brush helps you to create even flawless upward strokes. A beauty blender helps to seamlessly melt your concealer into your skin.

By the way, you really don’t need a setting powder for this hack. This is because a setting powder takes away the natural sheen effect. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using it on the outer part of your eyes and the corners of your mouth.

Complement your facelift by countering under your cheekbones and your jawline. This will help you to create a sculpting effect from your concealer.


The Products You Need for a Non-Surgical Concealer effect

As the saying goes, to attain best results you should use the right tools and implement the advisable skills. Some of the tools you need to pull off the Non-surgical facelift are;

  1. A concealer
  2. A Beauty Blender
  3. A concealer Brush



The non-surgical facelift may seem temporary however it’s a life saver to a lot of woman and man craving for a temporary facelift. Sometimes makeup tips are attained based on somebody`s mood. One can feel like, today I want a facelift; hence a Non-Surgical Facelift remains a go to hack.

The beauty market is flooded with all different types of concealer you can ever think of; inclusive illuminating, weightless, color correcting and industrial strength concealer. All these concealers were created to offer different solutions. Therefore, it is essential to use the right products to attain results that satisfies your palette.

A Non-Surgical Facelift is a makeup hack that has been trending on TikTok for quite some time by now. It has been a go to makeup hack owing to the fact that Beauties are able to attain an Ultra-flattering Non-Surgical facelift without necessarily breaking the bank. It also has been wowed owing to its no-makeup makeup effect.

A Non-Surgical facelift is a 2021 makeup trend you can give a try, to pull off that ultra-flattering facelift.

Stay Beautiful & Own that Look!


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