The Reverse Cat-Eye Makeup Trend is the new eye-makeup Look Dominating Popular Social Media Sites.

The Reverse Cat-Eye Makeup Trend Dominating Tik-Tok

The reverse cat-eye makeup trend has taken the social media sites by storm. It’s currently one of the latest eye makeup trends dominating Tik-Tok. To top it all beauty and makeup enthusiast are being so obsessed about this trend. Surely there should be something magnificent about it. No doubt it’s an iconic look.

Kim Kardashian once rocked this famous reverse cat eye makeup look in 2016 on the Cannes Red Carpet. Kim Steward also rocked this look to the premiere of the film she directed, come swim, during year 2017. Meaning it’s really not something new. However, with the Beauty and Makeup Kingdom advancing and going dynamic it’s no doubt we are obsessed on fierce, bold and dramatic beauty and makeup styles. Also one would argue, maybe when Kim rocked this fierce look in 2016, the beauty world wasn’t ready to take on this look. But now we really seem to be ready, hence the reverse cat-eye makeup look is trending.

But the question is how one can define a reverse cat-eye makeup look.

What is a reverse Cat-Eye Makeup Look?

We are all used to the traditional winged eyeliner look that is drawn on the upper eyelid with a flick on the outer corner. The reverse Cat-Eye Makeup look is different to the traditional cat-eye makeup Look. The reverse cat-eye makeup is drawn underneath the lash line. It still preserves the winged element that lifts and shapes but still connecting underneath the eye.

The reverse cat eye has the elements of fierceness of the regular or traditional winged liner. It is drawn in such a way that the liner is focused on your lower lash line instead of the usual top lash line. The end result of this trend is a smoky and sultry under eye creating a sexy feline shape.

How to pull a reverse Cat eye

This trend took the tik-tok platform by storm after a Makeup Artist painted by spencer shared a video of him pulling this look on Tik-Tok. Tik-tok creators are still wowed by the stunning look of a reverse cat eye. In no time they joined the trend.

Step By Step Tutorial by Spencer

  1. Run a grayish toned eye shadow on your upper lid with a fluffy brush.
  2. Take the same grayish shade and run it through your lower lash line.
  3. Run a gel black liner through your waterline. Make sure to bring it into the inner corner.
  4. Extend that inner corner, and wing it out on the outer corner.
  5. Take out a detailed eye brush with some black eye shadow and diffuse out the edges.
  6. Thereafter, apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

Love a good REVERSE cat eye ?? #fypシ #foryou #FerragamoLetsDance #makeup

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

What you will need for this stunning look

The reverse cat eye is a universal trend. It works for all eye shapes. The beautiful thing about this look is that you can add a playful touch to it. You can achieve this by using glitters or even color.

However, the only basic products you need are;

  1. Black Pigment eyeliner pencil
  2. A detailing angled Brush
  3. Black or grayish Eye shadow

For a more balanced detailed look, you can finish off the eye by adding magnetic eyelashes to the upper lashes. This will help to balance out the lower lash line.

Final Thoughts on Reverse Cat-Eye Makeup

In recent years the most popular makeup techniques have been a winged liner. This is because; with enough practice winged liner is so easy to master thus creating a wow Makeup effect glam.  However, winged liner comes in dynamic format.

In other words, winged liner is versatile. It can be also pulled out to express a dramatic effect or to enjoy a variety of different looks. One can attain this by using a brighter shade of liner and extending the wings for a more glamorous dramatic effect.

However, as of recent a makeup trend that has been circulating on social media platforms is a reverse cat-eye look. With enough practice this eye makeup look could be one of your favorite look. It is pretty, stunning and above all so easy to achieve. This fierce winged liner look directs the whole attention to the lower lash liner.

Although this liner trend has been pulled by a lot of celebrities in the past years, it’s no doubt that the recent spark by Spencer reignited this look thus resulting into a new makeup trend.

Just practice this look for as many times as you can, I’m sure you will pull it off. If it works out for the best congratulations, if it doesn’t turn out the way you want, it’s just makeup up, it wipes off. So, heeeyy! Have fun.


Stay Beautiful & own that Look!


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