A complete guideline on how magnetic eyelashes work

A Guideline On How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work

Great ideas always start in a shower. Among them was the idea of magnetic eyelashes. The most endowed beauty product in the beauty and makeup industry.

Magnetic eyelashes pose as an alternative to glue lashes. They are a go to pair of lashes for almost every woman out there. Over the past few years we have noticed phenomenal public figures and celebrities rocking magnetic lashes. Among them are; a makeup artist and a global artistic director Ashlee Glazer, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Gabrielle Union.

With all this piece of information one could agree with me that, the desirable features of magnetic lashes cannot be really ignored. Since 2014 magnetic eyelashes have been a trend in the beauty market.

This solely owes to the fact that magnetic lashes are comfortable, cost effective, and easy to wear. Not only are they magnificently beautiful but they provide a dramatic lash effect (a new trend during this era).

As a result of these amazing features magnetic lashes have become a buzz phrase across the internet.

For so many years makeup beginners have found it a hassle to perfectly wear glue lashes. Glue lashes either lift on the edges or its just quite a challenge to finally make them stick. However, by following internet hacks one can solve glue lash problems. However, hunting for solutions can be a hassle, especially if there is a hack product in the market.

How to wear magnetic eyelashes

This innovative lash product is either worn with magnetic eyeliner or by merely sandwiching the two lashes together.

Sandwiching two eyelashes together

Sandwiching two lashes together merely means that you place one lash strip on top of your natural lashes and place the second strip is under your natural lashes.

How to remove sandwiched magnetic eyelashes

Removing sandwiched magnetic lashes is so easy. You just pull them apart. You don’t need any oily cleansers or wipers.


Using a magnetic eyeliners

This method is regarded as the easiest method. It’s my number one go to method;

  1. Shake the magnetic eyeliner
  2. Apply the magnetic eyeliner to your lash line
  3. Wait for 3 seconds until the magnetic eyeliner has dried out
  4. Put on your magnetic lash in place.
  5. Make sure it has attached beautifully
How to remove magnetic eyelashes
  1. Put enough liquid makeup remover to cotton pads
  2. Close your eyes and cover the pads onto your eyelashes, slightly press or tap to make the liquid makeup remover spread equally to the lashes
  3. Wait a minute, then get eyelashes off
  4. Clean up your eyelid and false eyelashes and reuse it next time.

Magnetic eyelashes contain tiny magnets attached to a lash line.


Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

The safety of magnetic eyelashes is very important for consumers to know. According to Dr Douglas, board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, “It is relatively safe to use magnetic eyelashes since the amount of electromagnetic frequency emitted from the false eyelashes is low”.

According to Elise Brisco, OD, CCH, integrative optometrist and clinical homeopath, “I have seen girls who have gotten glue into their eyes, and that is painful!


Would you reconsider lash extensions?

Those who have used magnetic eyelashes before, attest they are now obsessed with these lashes. They often fall in love with the ease provided by magnetic lashes to the false-lash-challenged individuals. With magnetic eyelashes, it’s so easy to forget about lash lifts and lash extensions entirely. They are lightweight, incredibly comfortable to wear the whole day.

The easiest way to wear magnetic eyelashes is through using a magnetic eyeliner. Carefully draw an eyeliner line along with your eye shape. Make sure the line is close to the roots of your real eyelashes. Thereafter, bend your magnetic eyelash band to make it softer. Put the magnetic eyelash on top of your real lashes. You can do this using your flingers or a tweezer. Magnetic eyelashes should connect with the magnetic eyeliner.

Check some of the magnetic eyelashes we have in store for you. Reviewers and real customers swear that these magnetic lashes are easy to use, reusable, provide a dramatic effect and supper comfortable. Also, this makes them very convenient for everyday use.


Magnetic eyelashes1.

Magnetic Lashes Kit 6pcs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes




“They’re super comfy, I don’t feel that sharp poking from the edges, and the length is perfect for my eyes” Says one of our customers

These lashes are manufactured from silk synthetic hair, meaning they are cruelty free.


✅ Easy to Apply and easy to Remove

✅ Package include 3 different pairs of lash styles.


Magnetic eyelashes | Adornelt2

6pcs Magnetic Eyelashes Easy To Wear  Reusable lashes




This kit consists of 3 pairs magnetic lashes and a magnetic eyeliner for a perfect winged liner. They are silk free and resemble natural lashes.


✅ They look natural and easy to apply



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