Magnetic Eyelashes 6pcs Reusable false eyelashes Natural Lashes

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It`s obviously every woman`s desire to have a pair of charming magnetic eyelashes. 

Naturally Easy to wear and super comfortable. Putting on these eyelashes is absolutely super easy and simple. Without a doubt, you will become obsessed with these lashes.

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Comfortability and Convenience with These Magnetic Eyelashes

Easy to Wear Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner. What`s more, is that these lashes are so comfortable to wear. You deserve perfect eye makeup that can be achieved without any hassles. These lashes are so easy to put on. They have 5 magnetic points which make them stay in place for the whole day. Instead of wrestling with lash glue just use these eyelashes.


  • PACKAGE INCLUDE – 6 PCS (3 Pairs) Magnetic lashes + 1 Magnetic eyeliner + 1 Tweezer. 
  • NATURAL LOOK – These magnetic eyelashes will give you the natural look you deserve. Beautiful natural look eyelashes that are
  • Easier to use – easier to use and lightweight lashes. Made of silk fiber
  • EVERY WOMAN`S DESIRE – It`s obviously every woman`s desire to have a pair of charming eyelashes. 
  • COMFORTABLE – Naturally Easy to wear and super comfortable. Putting on these eyelashes is absolutely super easy and simple. Without a doubt, you will become obsessed with these lashes.
  • CRUELTY-FREE – 6 pcs of cruelty-free lashes. 
  • ATTRACTIVE EYES – Magnetic false eyelashes enhance your natural beauty. They always make your eyes more attractive and super beautiful. These eyelashes are designed to match the curve of your eyelashes and give you a natural look.
  • LONGLASTING and suitable for all occasions. Fast to stick and beautiful. These magnetic lashes contain a lot of magnetic particles. In other words, you don’t have to worry about them dropping.


  • QUANTITY – 6 magnetic lashes, 1 magnetic eyeliner, and a lash applicator
  • PRODUCT TYPE – False eyelashes
  • BRAND – Adornelt
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – In case of any unsatisfactory, we assure you a 100% money-back guarantee.


  1. Draw an eyeliner line close to the roots of your real eyelashes
  2. Secondly, Bend your magnetic eyelashes so they become softer and a perfect fit for your eye shape
  3. Then, Pick your magnetic lashes using a tweezer and place them above your real eyelashes
  4. The magnetic band should be close enough to connect to your winged eyeliner.
  5. Afterward, place your magnetic eyeliner before it totally dries
  6. lastly, Gently adjusts your eyelash making sure it has a perfect fit.




112 reviews for Magnetic Eyelashes 6pcs Reusable false eyelashes Natural Lashes

  1. Lindo


    I have used magnetic lashes since they came out. This is my fourth or so brand and I LOVE them. There’s lots of variety in the lashes you get, the liner is easy and doesn’t smell funny like some I’ve used, and the price is amazing! I’m buying more! They have modest lashes for someone wanting a natural looking boost and vavavoom bold lashes for gals like me! These are the only brand I’ve written a review for! 

  2. Suzanne 


    Looooove these! I would struggle and give up on regular glue eyelashes, but wanted eyelashes so bad! These are easy, beautiful, and did I mention I Love them?

  3. Denise

    Love them! And fast delivery!

    They were delivered a week ahead of the scheduled delivery date so that was a plus. Also I love the lashes they look natural and they are easy to use😍 Two thumbs up!

  4. Nicole

    These lashes outweighed my expectations. It’s my first time putting lashes on by myself and to my surprise, it worked. They are light and natural looking – well, the one I tried on.You will not regret the purchase.

  5. Nosipho

    They are reusable and easy to wear, I love them
  6. Laura

    Magnetic Dreams

    I LOVE these lashes! I’m *horrible* at putting on regular lashes and have messed up my makeup look many times attempting to apply them. These magnetic lashes are the answer to my prayers. I do my makeup, I apply my own eyeliner, then I put a thin layer of the magnetic eyeliner over the top and attach the lashes. I get complements on them all the time, and I always recommend them.A few suggestions/things to keep in mind:- If you get the magnetic liner on your own eyelashes (which I apparently do a lot), you need to clean it off with some makeup remover, or the magnetic lashes WILL stick awkwardly to your own eyelashes, instead of sitting at the last line. All this considered, I love these lashes and will absolutely be buying more! 

  7. Chantel

    They are amazing

    I love these lashes😍 and they are so simple to use. They last and stick for several hours. I believe I wore they 12 plus hours and looked as good as when I first put them on, Even bought them as a gift for my best friend. 

  8. Shawn

    Dainty lashes

    This worked out perfect they are the perfect leg size not too bulky and not too heavy looking nor dramatic. I hope to purchase this again soon

  9. Judy

    Long lasting

    These lashes & liner are super easy & quick to apply. The liner doesn’t get all over your eye & it’s fairly easy to remove, unlike others I’ve tried. Another perk is that they stay on & remain on! Shoot, I’ve fallen asleep w/them on & they stayed on all night… & through part of the following day.

  10. Jennifer 

    I absolutely love these magnetic lashes. As someone who has never used them before I was looking for an easy to use product and this absolutely fit the bill! The magnetic liner is easy to apply and the lashes practically jump onto your upper lid, it really was that easy! If you’re looking for magnetic lashes that are easy to use, totally affordable and look beautifully natural, get these. 

  11. Mathapelo

    Great lashes

    These are the best eyelashes I’ve used. They all appear natural. Good adhesive too.

  12. Liz 

    Beautiful lashes

    These eyelashes are sooo beautiful and the eyeliner that comes with it works so good. 

  13.  Tanaka

    Feeling pretty again!

    Up until the pandemic lockdowns, I would regularly maintain lash extensions, as my natural lashes are stubby barely noticeable. With the uncertainty of being able to get the next fill, I decided to stop with the service (insert sad face). I know people will say it’s unnecessary anyway and you can be pretty without them, but it’s not about what other people think, I like the way I look with them!I’m really not about full, super long lashes to create a windstorm when I blink. I prefer a natural look, but without the gunkiness of mascara. The set comes with 3 pairs. I have tried other magnetic type lashes in the past, but these so far are the best for this price point! The magnetic liner is easy to put on, the lashes attach firmly with the tiny magnets on the lash strip, wearability is so light and similar to a full set of extensions, and removal is so easy. It might not be a perfect experience for all, but with a couple tips you can improve your experience.Here are some of my tips: Magnetic liner does have a metallic smell, you may want to avoid if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing. Liner should be a solid line, but not too thick, allow to dry. Try to attach lashes on the first try, any re-attach might pull off some of the liner. Don’t clench your eyes shut, really with any type of lash enhancement it’s not a good idea. Depending on humidity, wear duration, etc, you might need to reapply liner to the outer and inner ends. Use a good quality eye makeup remover. Clean your lashes and inspect magnets to maximize re-use. 

  14. Qiniso

    Very pleased with my purchase!!!

    This is the third brand I’ve tried and I think I’m hooked😍. When I opened the package I was very pleased with how each and every lash looked. They all look full. I put them on the first day I got them to see how they held throughout the day. The stay on for the most part I think I need to add a thicker coat of liner.

  15. Enica

    Magical eyelashes ✨✨

    I love them so much! Not gon lie, the “magnetic” description scared me a little but wow they stayed on thee entire night, there are multiple pairs and oone tube of glue/liner included. Super easy putting on and off, bye bye to the nights I spend hours trying to put my lashes on and holding up my friends lol best purchase ever!

  16. Eliza

    Game changing false lashes!

    I will never ever go back to glue false lashes again! These are honestly such a game changer. All you need to do to apply is to use the eyeliner. I like to create a winged look and then apply the lashes along the line of the eyeliner as close to your natural eyelashes as possible. After that they stay the whole night, no problem. I’ve worn false lashes an entire day, slept in them, and woke up with them and they were still in place. I really struggled with using glued ones in the past and them not staying, but these are fantastic.To remove the eyeliner I use liquid makeup remover and it takes it right off.I’ve even got these as gifts for friends and they love them too! 

  17.  Paula

    Must buy!!!

    OK, so I finally tried these magnetic lashes. I love the fact that they don’t come off or becomes out of place. I’m still working on learning how to apply them properly. However, once they are on, they stay on! (no matter how you place them – good or bad). I will say this, I don’t think you should let the magnetic adhesive dry completely because they didn’t stick for me. I had to reapply the adhesive and I only waited about 1 to 2 minutes and they adhered perfectly. A must buy!!!

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  18. Amanda

    Very pretty. Just need to use them  the price is OK. 

  19. Nokubonga

    I really like these magnetic lashes. They go on so easy and they last all day long. I can’t wait to try the ones that’s look fuller. But the magnetic glue is great and easy to use just like a eyeliner and let it dry for a little bit and then stuck your lashes and they attached very easy and they stay put. I even did a pull test. And they didn’t come off. I highly recommend. 

  20. Reshma

    The eyeliner is a little sticky but works good! The lashes are beautiful and stay on all day!!

  21. Wendy

    They have a very thick band. Love the variety perfect for all occasions. Great for beginners who are trying to learn how to apply them.

  22. Shyline

    Best Eyelashes!

    I absolutely swear by the magnetic eyelashes! So easy to put on as well as take off! So much easier then fighting with glue and having the clumps that sometimes glue can cause! No mess no hassle! Highly recommend!

  23. Nour


    These lashes are actually really great! I’m a beginner in putting on fake eyelashes, so the fact that they’re magnetic rather than reliant on glue makes it a lot easier. The eyeliner does sort of act as glue, but it’s not like adhesive glue where you gotta hold the lashes in place for a bit. Also a quick tip, you have to at least put on 2 coats of eyeliner so they’ll really stick on, but 2 is just enough for me! So once you get the hang of it, they’re great and really enhance your look!A few things I did dislike was that if you get some eyeliner on your eyelashes, you have to take it off of there instantly or else the fakelashes will stick on your lashes and not on the eyeliner and it’s a bit of an inconvenience. But what I found that works is if you (gently) rub your eyelashes downward so they’re not in the way during application.  To remove the liner get makeup remover liquid. 

  24. Adele

    A novice lash-lovers dream come true!

    I am seriously lacking in the skill department when it comes to eyelashes as I rarely have a steady hand. I followed another reviewer’s suggestion and shook the bottle of eye liner for twenty seconds and used a fairly hefty coat. It’s important to let it dry completely before applying. I used the applicator a few times, but it’s doable without. Can’t believe how lightweight and comfortable these are! I pretty much forgot they were there.I’ve worn them 4 times now and clean with eye makeup remover and rubbing alcohol before storing in the container. Overall I’m super happy with these lashes from start to finish! 

  25. Cynthia 


    Prior to Covid I had lash extensions, sadly they fell out one by one during the lockdowns. I decided to give these a try. I have never wore eyeliner so I was a little intimidated at first. These are so easy! Too easy!! I will never go back to extensions! These you can apply each morning, very easily. I have only used one pair since purchasing the set, and they are still going strong. I did pull one of the magnetics off like the second time I wore them due to staying out too late and being really tired when I was removing them, with no concern if they would work the next day. I have been wearing them for nearly four weeks with a missing magnet and you can’t tell. This is an awesome find! I would highly recommend to anyone who has extensions! No crazy looking eyelashes when you wake up and no more washing eyelashes extra careful when showering. Did I mention the Rands I am saving with these things? 

  26. Tosha

    This was my first set of magnetic lashes and liner that being said it does take a bit of practice. The first two sets were very natural that u couldn’t tell I was wearing them which is great for daytime wear. The 3rd set was fuller and longer but still natural but I used those for going “out”. I wanted the more natural “not the fake look” and to me theses were it. So please practice a little before u want to wear them out. 

  27. Anele

    I bought these on the recommendation of my friend who knows I have struggled with false lashes. These are great! Easy to apply, easy to remove and they look very natural. This pack came with 3 sizes. I struggled at first with the eyeliner because I struggle with liquid eyeliner in general, but once I got it on neatly, I was able to apply the eyelashes and they look really beautiful. This is going to be my go-to for sure. No more going to a salon and getting eyelashes that make my eyes burn and take what few eyelashes I have when removed! These will certainly be the lashes I choose going forward! 

  28. Odette

    I just got them! I love them so much thank you😊

  29. Devin

     I have absolutely NO EYELASHES due to having an allergic reaction to mascara. I will never go back to adhesive glue. The eyeliner doesn’t irritate your eyes however 1 or 2 strokes of the thick eyeliner you have to put it back in and shake it. It takes about close to 5 min to dry. The eyelashes are all natural down to the last pair. You need to take my word for this,You SERIOUSLY LOOK LIKE YOU WERE BORN WITH THESE ON💕. The magnets are so small you can’t seem ’em. They are strong & WON’T COME OFF. Wind proof and tear proof have hooded eyes no problem just apply them from the end of your eye to the front of the eye duck to prevent them from stabbing you in the eye. I applied em at noon and they lasted me until I took em off at 11:30pm.Tip: once you applied the eyeliner the way to tell if it has dried fully is when you don’t see a glossy shine to it anymore,more like a matte finish. Hope this helps.

  30. Buhle


    I absolutely love these!! It was my first time using magnetic lashes, and is way easier than using lashes with lash glue. I also love how many different sets I got for the low price. 10/10 recommend!!! 

  31. Amahle

    Very happy with these lashes!

    This item is worth the money and easy to use. They were a little too big for my lash line so I easily trimmed them. They stayed on for the entire day. I like the variety of lashes so I can mix up my look. Once removed I used makeup remover/coconut oil to get the liner off. I recommended these to my sister.  

  32. Kaytyn

    Pretty lashes!

    Very pretty lashes! They’re all good lengths none are dramatic which is my preference. 

  33. Anna

    My new lashes!

    I bought this because I think this is a good bargain!First, it has many lash selections.Second, it comes with a bottle of eye liner which is very important because they dry out very quickly!Maybe because of the magnet ingredient?Last, I love that I can use them for any occasion!This is very worth the money!

  34. E.Morrison

    I really them and it’s a really nice variety. 

  35. Clara

    These lashes are so beautiful. The lashes are easy to put on and easy to take off. To take the glue off just rub off gently. And after cleaning the lashes I use them about 5 more times. These lashes Give me the beautiful dramatic and also the natural look I like when needed. I don’t regret purchasing .

  36. Michaella


    I really love these eyelashes! I struggle with glue on eye lashes and always rub my eyes, so I thought this would be the same. NO! I put these on so fast and they looked like a professional did them. They stayed on all day and yes I could tell they were on there but they didn’t bother me at all. I even wore them to the eye doctor with no problems. They came off super easy and the end of the night. They are reusable and such a good price. I wish they had a few more options for a little more natural look but these still look amazing and I wore them to work and got so many compliments. I would say to have an oil free make up remover to get the eye liner off after you take them off. As well as for cleaning them. Great price, amazing product!  

  37. Mona


    I bought these after watching a few glowing reviews of them on YouTube; I was looking for something new because I’m otherwise terrible at applying false lashes. I can’t believe these are finally a THING! Magnetic lashes are the future of makeup. The quality of the lashes themselves is amazing. Light and feathery, just as good as the more expensive single-pair brand-name lashes.- They stay on all day without the corners lifting.- Multiple pairs to choose from, so you can go casual or formal depending on the occasion.- They really do just snap on and stay there, I’m so impressed.  If you find you need to trim them, use scissors that are just sharp enough to cut a smidge off the end magnet, otherwise the corner will lift. All things considered, I’m in shock. These are affordable, they work, they’re gorgeous, and they only take 5 minutes TOTAL to apply versus a whopping 30 minutes having to deal with a mess of glue. 

  38. Kagiso

    They are so comfortable!

    I love these lashes. My husband bought these for me and I’m so happy with them . I never wear the ones with glue because it’s impossible for me. I’ve tried so many times with no luck, these I literally was able to apply in 2 seconds with zero trouble , I was amazed! They are extremely comfortable and look amazing on. I wish I would of tried these sooner . I spent more money on ones that last a month and they were so uncomfortable and itched so bad , these I didn’t even feel them on that’s how comfortable and light weight they are ! They stay in place. The glue is like a regular eyeliner and dries immediately which is awesome ! I highly recommend this brand and this product and it’s so affordable and worth it! So glad I found these ! I will definitely will purchase more !! 

  39. missie

    These are perfect for natural, barely there look. I have small eyes and non-existent eyelashes. These are the first ones I tried that are magnetic and don’t look over the top traumatic. Don’t get too much of the black close to your inner eye because it feels heavy and weird. But as long as you only it here to the 2/3 outer portion you don’t even know you’re wearing them. A stick very well and once they are on their on. It’s difficult to remove all the eyeliner, but I think that’s common with all of them. These are the only ones I will buy 

  40. Lusanda

    Super easy to use and stays on all day and through the night. You do have to be quick because liner gets from liquid to sticky quick due to drying. At first felt a little heavy on eyes but it went away pretty quick and I got so many compliments. It definitely is cheaper and better than having the eye lash extensions put on which I did once and only lasted 2 days. Much better way to go for sure. I do wish they sold sets of 5 of each individual eyelash so that way I can purchase just my favorite one I like to wear everyday vs buying the variety I don’t need all the different ones just my go to pair

  41. Roshni

    girllllll go buy these LASHES!!! i wear glasses so i didn’t have a hard time with them on. they are full lashes so it is worth the money and easy to put on and they’re reusable

  42. Alice

    I like them, they look beautiful. So very cute!!! 
  43. Mary

    Magnetic lashes

    These magnetic eyelashes worked well. The eyeliner was easy to put on, but a little stubborn to remove with make up remover. The eyelashes stayed on as described. I am very pleased with the product and recommend it!

  44. Karla

    Love these lashes!

    I really wasn’t expecting that the lashes would work. I also wanted natural looking lashes and I found them in these! Easy to apply and remove. The magnetic liner is very sticky so you need to make sure it is dry before applying the lashes. I wish the liner wasn’t shiny. Liner must be removed with makeup remover. I am enjoying wearing the lashes daily.

  45. Thelma

    Very comfortable

    I like them b/c they don’t look fake. Will be buying again. It takes some effort to get the magnetic eyeliner off, that’s to be expected.. love them! 

  46. Dee

    Great purchase. Natural, charming, daily and dramatic that are perfect for working, shopping, date, party and night-out.Lash bands are flexible yet sturdy to make it easier to apply eyelashes and give you all-day comfort. Lashes are lightweight and soft.They are the perfect lashes if you like just enough but not too much. There are many different styles too! I would recommend measuring and cutting the lashes to your eye shape because if they’re too big it becomes a little hard for them to stay in place. They have looked amazing all day and would definitely recommend! 

  47. Crystal

    Beautiful and simple to use

    OMG, these are the BEST! I love the way I look with false lashes but hate how difficult it is to use traditional lash strips. I would always end up with goopy glue all over my lashes, and inevitably the lashes would come undone so I’d end up with them heading off in strange directions – not a cute look. I’ve also tried using individual lashes, but the stronger glue would end up pulling out my real lashes. Lash extensions are lovely, but who has time or money for that? These magnetic lashes are a PERFECT solution. They are simple to put on, stay in place all day (even in wind) and look fantastic. The liner is simple to apply and looks like regular liquid liner. I’m able to draw a really nice cat eye with it. The lashes stick right to it like magic! I love also that this set comes with 3 pairs.  Even if I wear NO other makeup, I feel a million times more put together and confident with them on. Taking them off is easy. The liner stays put but comes off at the end of the day with a little gentle rubbing with micellar water. I will definitely buy again.   

  48. Amy

    Great eyelashes!!

    Eyelashes are really good! They stay on pretty well until I’m ready to take them off. 

  49. mahegurl

    My New Go To

    Ok. First off I need to note that I am makeup challenged. I can put eyeliner on and I can put eyeshadow on. I cannot put falsies on to save my life. The glue ends up everywhere and I have unfortunately glued my eye(s) shut quite a few times. Anyway. I wanted to do my makeup for A Weekend outing and I wanted ridiculously large lashes for my costume. But I despaired of ever being able to do it myself. Oddly enough, eating dinner at Outback, my server had amazing lashes and when I asked, she told me they were magnetic. WHAT??? So she told me she purchased them from Adornelt, but not what brand they were. So I went researching. These had the best reviews. So I crossed my fingers and purchased. Someone said if you had a hard time with liquid eyeliner (I DO) to put pencil liner on first so you had a guide to follow. This worked wonders for me. Also reading the reviews and looking at people’s tips really helped. I even watched some  videos from Youtube. If I could give more stars I would. 15/10 would (and do) recommend to everyone. 

  50. Likhanyise

    Bang for you buck!

    I thought these would be cheap for the price but they’re actually really good quality and I’m very impressed! I love the variety in different styles and I will definitely be ordering again! 

  51. Jayla 

    100% recommend

     I was very skeptical about buying these but I’m definitely impressed with how amazing these are. I would recommend these. They were hard to take off and they don’t feel like they are going anywhere. I’ve tugged on them and they are staying 

  52. Rebecca

    Easy to use, magnetic eyelashes

    Overall I really like this product. I was never able to get good at applying fake eyelashes with glue. The eyeliner is easy to apply but can be a little difficult to get off of your eye at the end of the night. I used make up remover to get most of it off and then I used tweezers to get the rest off. It’s not a normal eyeliner. It is actually kind of elastic in texture. I would recommend having these eyelashes applied more toward the outer corner of your eye than the inner corner. The first two times I applied these lashes I applied them more toward the inner corner and the tiny magnet dug into my skin there. The third time I put the lashes on more toward the outer corner I did not have that problem. I would say the only downside to these lashes is that the magnet can poke the skin on the inner corner. I like to use these lashes with a little bit of mascara so that they blend with my real lashes and so that it is not as noticeable but I am wearing fake eyelashes. Overall, I really like these lashes because they look really good and are very easy to apply. They stay all day as well. 

  53. Anne

    So easy to use & look great!

    I’ve never used something like this before and was amazed at how easy they were to use and how well they stayed in place. They look great and I’ll be getting more in the future! 

  54. Heather

    Great For All Who Haven’t Perfected Lash Glue

    I love them. It was so simple. I’m assuming they’re reusable bc I was able to save them. I did use mascara on them. I do think these are very innovative and amazing. I would buy these again. 

  55. Lesley

    Just received it and I love it! Thanks so much

  56. Myla

    Natural looking

    Finally! Magnetic lashes that are natural looking and not too long and thick!! 

  57. Sunet

    Thank you for my parcel. It looks lovely. Thank you for the presentation, I feel treated

  58. Tebogo


    Great looking lashes and super easy to use. They hold for a long time and with the right ones looks natural. I got a lot of compliments on them. Love how they’re reusable!! So glad I found these! 

  59. Celina

    Good product

    So i love these very much easy to remove and the the bigger you go the more weight u will have but its not bad you get used to them after wearing them for a bit i slept in these and they stayed on they are water proof and do need oil based makeup remover to remove the adhesion its like tar i wish they had how to clean the lashes though in the instructions

  60. Missy Smith

    There is a learning curve here. I had to clip them and they were uncomfortable the first time I wore them. Do not put them on until the magnetic eyeliner is completely dry, or you will pull off the eyeliner if you have to pull them off to reposition. But by the third wear they were more comfortable and secure.  these are natural and sturdy. Much better than the ones that came out years ago.

  61. Tumelo

    Good quality, natural looking

    I hate over the top eyelashes. These looked just natural enough. Good quality too, sticks well.

  62. Jasmine


    I used to get eyelash extensions, and before that i used falsies and glue. Nevermore! This is the best invention, ever, of you have small eyes and short lashes! It’s so much easier to use magnetic eyeliner than to try lining up a top leak and bottom lash over your real lash in order for magnets to work! I would prefer a different tip on the brush, but that’s just me, i haven’t used liquid liner in a while, so my hand isn’t as steady as it used to be. This completely transformed my face! It’s a little difficult to remove, so you ABSOLUTELY MUST use waterproof eye makeup template– and even then, it may take two go rounds. It’s worth it. I don’t think the lashes are heavy, but currently my lids aren’t used to having anything on them, so it’s the slightest bit uncomfy, but less so with each wear, as i get use to wearing lashes again (it’s been almost three years since ive had extensions!) They are so simple to apply and remove, everyone should get a pair! 

  63. Kat

    While these ARE much less frustrating than regular glue-ons, there is definitely a learning curve. It helps if you’re already adept with liquid liner. I’m a pen girl, so it took a few tries to get a smooth application that wasn’t raccoonsville. Be sure to let it dry for a while, and watch that you don’t get any in your lashes as it’s sticky as hell and will screw up your mascara, and don’t go overboard with the layers; 2 is good. Overall this is a dope product. 

  64. Leah

    Easy to Apply, Stay on, Love

    This was my first time being successful applying lashes ever, so I don’t have a ton of experiences to compare these to, but I think that speaks for itself as far as ease of use. If a newbie like me can apply them first try then they must be easy to apply. I am very happy with my purchase. Now I am thrilled to have lashes to put on for when I want to be fancier. 😊 They are easy to apply. I applied a line along my eyeliner I had applied first, just to make sure my line was even, and then stuck the lashes to it, easy peasy. They lasted all day at the beach and I was surprised that they didn’t bother me more, since I’m not used to wearing false lashes. The liner came off with makeup remover, but there was a tiny bit left that came off in a few days. I don’t like to scrub the sensitive eye skin, so I just let it stay until it came off on its own. I really am glad I bought these. Now I just need somewhere to wear them! Lol.  

  65. Yolanda

    I can’t leave the house without my lashes!

    This is a great price for what you get! I have tried a lot of magnetic eyelashes, and they all have their pros and cons. This set is what I will be repurchasing though. The pros- they stay on all day- you don’t have to worry about them moving whatsoever! The magnetic liner is super strong, the lashes are very cute and versatile, and easy to apply! The cons- the liner is so good, that it’s hard to remove! I recommend a makeup remover balm to get it off, or carefully peeling it off with your fingers! Luckily,  I haven’t lost lashes with this method. Also, sometimes you can place the lashes too far in or out and you can feel them. They’re not easy to move once you’ve let it dry and left the house, etc because the lash can hold onto the liner and leave a blank space rather than the liner. I would heavily say that the liner is more like glue with magnets in it. Also, work quickly with it! If you have to go back over a space with the liner that you already applied some, the applied liner will magnetize to the liner brush, making it difficult to reapply. I don’t want any of this to sway anyone away from these lashes! Just keeping it real! I learned quickly the best methods for using these lashes and how to do it properly and haven’t had many issues at all after a few days of practice! I don’t leave my house without my lashes! Even the little ones if I’m wearing no makeup at all! A good tip I would say is to apply your regular eyeliner as usual, and the. Put a thin line of this liner on your lash line ONLY where you want the lash to sit, and you will have perfect beautiful lashes all day! 

  66. Thully

    Very easy to apply and stay in place

    I am extremely pleased with these magnetic eyelashes! No more struggling with adhesive which is so messy. Simply draw a somewhat thick line of the magnetic eye liner, let it dry, then put on the lashes which have very tiny magnets that snap the lashes into place on the liner. So very easy, and best of all they stay on! I wear mine all day, even at the gym with no problems. My 16 year old daughter also loves them, and her dance teacher wanted to know where she got them, and immediately ordered a set too. The enhancement these make to the eyes is amazing! I am also a contact lens wearer and these do not interfere at all. I highly recommend these as a great alternative to expensive lash extensions. 

  67. Carol

    These lashes are amazing! I love all the different styles and they are durable and reusable. I will definitely purchase again in the future!  

  68. Rachel

    I am in love with how you package your products😍😍😍

  69. Phathu

    Easy to put on

    The eyelashes are lightweight,and the adhesion dries quickly. They are so easy to take off.

  70. Steph

    Not bad for just last minute lashes. I had a hard time putting them on but I finally got the hang of it. It does tend to look a bit thick on the eyelid. Wish they would make that part that sticks a bit thinner. 

  71. Kristen.

    Bought these for my daughters Birthday she absolutely LOVES them!! She couldn’t make up her mind on which ones to wear first! Definitely will purchase more in the future!!

  72. Anne

    Fire, take it, you will not regret .. Keep perfectly, magnets are tiny .. I’m very happy. I could not wait to try them on, I tried them while at work .. Very cool)) 
  73. Shamiso

    Best Lashes, I love’em!

    Love these lashes! They last all day, and overnight if you forget. Great look! 

  74. Angelo

    Comfortable, stay in place, and don’t damage your natural lashes!

    I have been a false lash lover for several years now, but this is my first time trying any kind of magnetic lashes. I am blown away! I’ve already told several friends so I figured it’s time to write a review.The lashes come packaged in a small box. Mine was a set of 3 pairs with one tube of magnetic liner and one application tweezer set. 
     When I close my eye, it just looks like a normal lash line.-I’ve worn these on and off for weeks now and they are staying in great shape. I think they last longer than glue-lashes that typically only survive a handful of wears. Be aware of:-The liquid liner is waterproof and can take some effort to remove. Do yourself a favor and get micellar water. Soak a tissue/cotton pad and hold on your eye for several seconds and it will help rub the liner off at the end of the day.-I’m a newbie with liquid liner (normally use an eye pencil), there is a learning curve for application. I feel like most my mistakes aren’t visible to the average personAll in all, I love them and I’m getting another set for sure. Especially now that I’m wearing a mask everywhere it’s nice for my eyes to look pulled together! Give them a try!  

  75. Alicia


    Very pleased with this purchase and will definitely purchase again! Loved the variety of lashes. They are certainly worth the price. They are easy to apply and stayed on all day! 

  76. Lebogang

    Simple and easy to apply

    I am pleasantly surprised at the ease of application. I have been using these for about one week and after spending hours and hours to have individual lashes applied, I am loving the ease and they look great.Recommended by a friend and she was spot on with her analysis. One note, you need makeup remover to get the liner off your fingers if you make get it on your fingers.Thank you.

  77. Gugu

    These work great and you are able to do your eye liner and lashes all in one! So much easier than the glue too and it doesn’t rio out your eyelashes. That in itself, is huge for me! Plus it comes with a nice little mirror compact case to store them in when you aren’t using them. Love love love!

  78. Zandile

    Love magnetic lashes!

    These are really cool! This is the first time I have used magnetic lashes and they are really easy to use. There is definitely a learning curve with the magnetic liner (I recommend putting your regular liner on first, and then trace your magnetic liner over top, AND let the liner dry COMPLETELY before applying the lashes, or you will make a hard to remove black eye mess!). The liner is slightly stubborn to remove, even with eye make up remover, but it also doesn’t irritate my eyes. I find the entire process MUCH more simple than lashes with glue! I would definitely purchase these again! 

  79. Julie

    This has been my first experience with magnetic lashes, with no previous experience with false lashes. I have been interested in the look of big lashes but not interested in R500 lash extensions and the 2 week maintenance. These were very easy to wear- I trimmed a little to fit my eyes and lined my eye first with my own liquid eyeliner and then applied the magnetic eyeliner over it. Also, there are 5 different sizes for day to night wear. Easy to remove as well ; ) 

  80. Kimberly

    Let’s start by saying just AMAZING!!! I am a 46yr old licensed cosmetologist (beautician) in the state of Maryland. I’ve been such, since 1992, with 3 years prior to that in schooling for it. I’ve always wanted to wear fake eyelashes but never could bcus my eyes water ex essively and for whatever reason, the glue or double sided tape they always used woyldnt adhere to my skin. Not even a little bit. I’ve tried several products over ther years. No luck. Let’s face it, as a hair dresser… expressing your style and taste thru your hair, nails and makeup, is a trademark and sex appeal sells! I did my best but was always upset over the lashes. As a glasses wearer and. O ta t lense wearer, the contact are my preferable go to. Make up, espe ially eye makeup, with or without the contacts was…is always a problem bcus my eyes water excessively. Mascara and eyeliner is a constant battle running, and add the contacts…. and cloudiness after an hour from the makeup especially eyeliner and mascara got ever worse thru out the day and evening. My lashes are sparse and my eyes are the only “small” thing the good Lord blessed me with. So eyeliner and mascara is a must. A friend told me of these magnetic lashes. I explained the waste of money I’d always found them to be. She explained about the magnetic eyeliner that dosent budge til you decided for it to… and how the lashes “click” onto it and I to place after 3 minutes of drying. She explained….and take note *** you MUST shake the eyeliner IMMEDIATELY prior to applying liberally to each eye. (If u dont, the magnetic pieces settle and you wont get any and the lashes wont adhere… I found this to be true as well… so… slightly shake immediately before you apply. Shake again before the next eye.) I was intrigued and looked up the lashes. To my amazement they were inexpensive. With my doubts, I ordered. I got them in last week, and I’ve wore them EVERYDAY SINCE! One pair so far, and I’ve even slept in them. The longest I left themon was 3 full days, and NO lifts, slips, or falls with the lashes!!! I’m a fan for LIFE!!!! Not only can I now fit the part and be the best me I can be with all the tricks of the trade applied, and in use! But, I have no cludy obstructed vision to contend with, as theres literally NO mascara or, upper lid eyeliner!!!! Yah!!!! A win, win!!!! I’d given up years ago… just WOW!!!! Soooo glad my new friend turned me on to these!!!! EVERYONE I COME INTO CONTACT WITH SAYS I LOOK AMAZING AND MY EYES ARE SOOOOO ALIVE AND BREATHTAKING!!!! I will NEVER, EVER, go a day without these!!! I am a fan for life!!!!! You can even take them on and off, as they lightly and simply click right back into place! I do t k ow when this technology came to be, or by whom… but let me tell you… between eyeliner and mascara costs eluminated, and buying these kits of lashes…. I’m STILL in the green, saving money, and not only look more fabulous, I feel it too!!! No more running eyeliner. No more 20 minutes doing your eyes from primer to finish. No more expensive eyeliner and mascara. No more constant trying and buying the latest trends of “waterproof” or “tattoo” never run eyeliner and mascara. No more sparse eyelashes. No more cloudy contact lenses. I never write reviews. Hardly ever. After a few “burns” and losses on o li e orders… I learned that when I went back and read the product reviews at the bottom of the page, I could’ve save myself a heap of time, and money. I started paying more attention to these reviews PRIOR to purchasing… I’m glad I do now. What a BIG hit these are for me!!!! And others I see!!! WOW, I felt the need to tell my fellow ladies about these!!!!! You MUST try these and soon. Their show stoppers and life changers!!!! ***** Just remember…. lightly shake before applying to mix the magnetic components as they settle. And quickly. So, you’ll wanna do this prior to each eye. They settle in a matter of seconds. Always remember this on every use and you’ll NEVER be disappointed!!! As a 25+ year licensed, board certified, Cosmetologist, take my professional word for it…. And order these for yourself. Do NOT hesitate. You will NOT be sorry or have one single regret!!!

  81. Gaby 

    I loveeeeeeeee them! Wow! I though they were going to be, “Ok”,For the price, but I was WRONG… these lashes are AWESOME. 🙌🏻❤️ They are very thin and they adjusted to my small eyes perfectly! Soooo pretty and comfortable. Y give them a 10/10.I recommend them. BUY THESE… you NEED THESE.

  82. Mbali

    I absolutely love this product it was quick and simple to apply. I bought this item because I tried to use the glue but it just never worked out. I have very sensitive skin and I wear contacts and this product did not irritate my eyes at all. I recommend this product to people like me. Great buy. 

  83. Priscilla

    Your delivery was really fast thank you so much! Super happy with the service!

  84. Melissa

    This was my first time buying a set of lashes and to my surprise these are really good, I’ve seen some lashes in cvs with only 3 little magnets on each lash but these lashes have a bunch of magnets around the whole edge and they adhere really well to the liner! For the price these lashes are great! I would definitely recommend these.

  85. FNG

    These are the best lashes for the price!! I have worn most of them several times and they still look great. The glue does get hard fast, but once you figure it out, they are amazing. They stay really well too. I wore them in a hot tub and they stayed great.

  86. Ayanda

    Great quality lashes, LOVE the versatility and the band is thick enough it allows for multiple wears. I wear lashes everyday and am so glad to have a variety for work as well as going out, especially at such a low cost. Also super prompt delivery, definitely will be purchasing again!

  87. Britney Brown

    You need to practice using the liquid eyeliner. Don’t get it on your natural eye lashes, just your eye lid. The value for what you get is on point.  Once you get them attached and the eyeliner dries, you hardly feel them. 

  88. Christina

    These were my first fake eyelash purchase and I was extremely nervous but SO happy I bought these! I bought them for a wedding but ended up loving them so much I’ve now worn them several times for dates and other more casual events. Overall they were fairly easy to put on. The first time they went on perfectly. The second time I had some trouble because one eyelash was shifted farther left than the other one so it took my much longer to adjust them. I definitely could feel them on my eyes when I was wearing them, but after about 10 minutes or so I adjusted and they didn’t bother me. I did have to reapply the magnetic eye liner every time I had to pull the lash off to adjust it. I appreciate that there are a variety of sizes. I thought I would like the smallest ones, but actually preferred the medium ones. I haven’t tried the party (long) ones yet. They seem a little daunting! My only criticism would be to allow the option of other colors of the magnetic eyeliner (or even colorless!). The black is bold and beautiful for fancy occasions, but I would love a brown or even gray for more casual evenings when I don’t want full eye liner on.

  89. Andrea 

    Wonderful! For me it was super easy application. Right now im testing them. I put them on at 10am right now 6:30pm and still perfect.

  90. Victoria

    I am IN LOVE with these lashes! They are super soft and light weight. Cleans easily wit a small alcohol wipe and sticks just as great the second time. These will be my only brand now. 

  91. Dropdeadlibby

    I come from a long line of extensions and glue falsies… first time trying magnetic so to be clear I am not comparing these to other magnetic. I shook the bottle/liner as instructed, extremely pleased with the ease of applying the liner, I feel like it’s always a gamble, will it be smooth, wet but not too wet, sticky to stay but not choppy – no this was excellent! I let the liner dry as instructed and poof, laid the lash on, tugged a teeny bit and it was ON! You can see in pic, I used the second to largest (longest) lash… pretty natural for me given my eyelid type and shape. I love how straight forward this was in terms of product but also packaging… packaging is totally simple so you’re not confused or paying for extra branding crap. I am attending a wedding this weekend and these arrived in 1 day. Wow. So easy and not breaking my bank! Insta was targeting me, seeing this for about R300 so when I saw these I thought it is worth a try! Thank you!   

  92. Tebogo

    Very fast and convenient to glue. Hold tight. The length approached, did not have to cut. Very satisfied with the result.
  93. Francesca 

    Very fast and convenient to glue. Hold tight. The length approached, did not have to be cut. Very satisfied with the result, look like worn out. I’ll order more! 

  94. Liz

    I love the eye lashes! I’m wearing the smallest ones. The magnetic glue is awesome!!! Easy to apply and easy to remove with makeup remover. I wear the lashes for 10 hrs and they stayed glued the hole time and you can’t see the glue as with the other type of glue. I highly recommen!  

  95. Davis

    Wow, lashes are awesome! I use liquid eyeliner on a normal basis so it was so easy to apply and then put lashes on. I will never go back to gluing lashes on. I hope they sell just the liquid eyeliner so I can buy more when I need it. Great price for everything that you get here. Will recommend to other’s. 

  96. Johanna

    Absolutely love this eyelashes !! wore two different sets in a day and in less than 3 mins they were on defently gonna order more…was my first time ring magnetic eyelashes but after trying this ones I love them more soooo fast to put on and very good price  

  97. Karina

    I have tried other eye lashes before but they are so hard to put on most of the time I end up messing up my eye make up but this magnetic eyelashes are magic. They are really easy to put on. Using the eyeliner that comes with it draw line as close to the real lashes as possible and stick the eyelashes on and press it for like 10 seconds till you feel lashes are set the way you want it. It’s also light weight so doesn’t feel like a cloud above your eyes. It’s completely worth buying it.

  98. Asanda

    Love these lashes!!

    These are the best lashes for the price!! I have worn most of them several times and they still look great. The glue does get hard fast, but once you figure it out, they are amazing. They stay really well too. I wore them in a hot tub and they stayed great. 

  99. Nicole

    Less Hassle

    These lashes outweighed my expectations. It’s my first time putting lashes on by myself and to my surprise, it worked. They are light and natural looking – well, the one I tried on.You will not regret the purchase. 

  100. Shay 

    Comes with magnetic liner and 1 set of tweezer

    LOVE these lashes the arrived sooner than expected they are very full and have great quality. They stuck all day. Also they come with a magnetic liner  which is great and the tweezer tool is handy and cute!  

  101. Esther

    Best Lashes, I love’em!

    Love these lashes! They last all day, and overnight if you forget. Great look!

    One person found this helpful

  102. Julia

    Rookie proof

    As a first time user of eye lashes I knew I didn’t want to mess with glue. These were so easy to use and looked great! Just had to put a little more of the liner on to hold them and I did trim some off the ends. For the price you really can’t beat them🙌.

  103. Ntokozo

    They make my eyes looks beautiful and so easy to put on

  104. Tania

    Just received my lashes – what excellent service – thank you sooo much!!

  105. Mbali

    Easy to use, safe, and add extra depth to eyelashes. An amazing product for the price! Pleased with the results of using them and encouraged to continue using them.

  106. Andile

    I’m new to the lashes game and found these very easy to use/wear without all the fuss I anticipated

  107. Anelissa

    Love love love

  108. Mellz

    I am very glad with my purchase of these lashes. Me and my mom have both been using it and have loved it. They look great and the magnetic grip is strong but not too crazy. The lashes look very realistic and even work with using mascara. The packaging is also pretty and for a great price it is a smart buy, I will definitely buy again.

  109. Xolani

    Got these for my wife. She looked great in them. She said they were easy to use. She loves them and gets lots of compliments about how they make her look

  110. Tamreen

    These are perfect for everyday use, very nice quality

  111. Angelique

    Very easy to apply and remove. I (T) totally love these Eye Lashes 😉😉

  112. Gladys

    Simple instructions, great product. If looking for eyelashes, this is the product to buy!!

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