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Magnetic lashes Kit 6pcs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

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Easy to Wear Magnetic lashes at your own Convenience and so Comfortable for The Whole Day.



  • PACKAGE INCLUDE – 6 PCS (3 Pairs) Magnetic lashes + 1 Magnetic eyeliner + 1 Tweezer. The Package contains a mixtures of different sizes of eyelashes.
  • NATURAL LOOK – Beautiful natural look eyelashes that are lighter and easier to use. They are made from synthetic fibre.
  • Charming magnetic eyelashes – It is every woman`s desire to have a pair of charming eyelashes. These magnetic lashes will give you the natural look you desire.
  • COMFORTABLEeasy to wear and super comfortable. Also, Cruelty free. Putting on these eyelashes is super easy and simple.
  • ATTRACTIVE EYES – Magnetic lashes enhances your natural beauty. They make your eyes more attractive and super beautiful. These eyelashes are designed to match the curve of your eyelashes thus giving you a natural look.
  • LONGLASTING and suitable for all occasions. Fast to stick and beautiful. These magnetic eyelashes contains a lot of magnetic particles. In other words, you don’t have to worry about them dropping.


  • QUANTITY – 6
  • PRODUCT TYPE – False eyelashes



  • Draw an eyeliner line close to the roots of your real eyelashes
  • Bend your magnetic eyelashes so they become softer and a perfect fit and shape for your eye shape
  • Pick your magnetic eyelash using a tweezer and place it above your real eyelashes
  • The magnetic band should be close enough to connect to the magnetic eyeliner you have drew
  • Make sure to place your magnetic eyeliner before it totally dries
  • Gentle adjust your magnetic lashes making sure it has perfectly fit.

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14 reviews for Magnetic lashes Kit 6pcs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

  1. Joanne

    Yay product fabulous!!! It took les then 2 minutes on both eyes

  2. Shay

    Easy to use looks great

  3. Kellie

    I absolutely love this product! Looks just like the picture and looks even better in real life. I can clearly see the quality and luxurious-ness of the lashes. And the price is amazing for something that looks high end like this. These lashes are the perfect balance of glam and natural and will compliment any look. I can wear this on my “natural” makeup days or heavy makeup days. The package contained 3 different styles.  Style 1 are curled and layered, gives a fluffy, fanned out cat eye look. Had to trim one magnet off because it’s a bit too long but no problem! I can easily take the excess piece and stack it on top of an area where I want more volume. Style 2- My favorite everyday lash for Asian eyes! Didn’t have to trim them. They have more volume in the middle, perfect for opening up hooded eyes. Less curl than the 1st style so I like to gently curl them more with a lash curler. Style 3 – It looks more natural than I thought because it’s actually less voluminous than the other 2 styles and focuses on length. Has a soft appearance.Lashes overall are soft and wispy. They don’t look or feel cheap. I have very sensitive, small eyes so glue on lashes always irritate, burn, and itch my eyes even if the glue is latex free and marketed for sensitive eyes. These never gave me any problems and I can go 12 hours wearing these at work, rain and wind combined. They’re lightweight and durable, feels amazing on the eyes compared to glue ons. Magnet positioning is evenly placed throughout the lash band. The tweezers are made of plastic. I usually use my hands for application but these are great for those who don’t have a steady hand. It’s sturdy and not flimsy. I’m impressed by the quality. Highly recommend people use these to get the lashes out the box instead of pulling it off the box. Minimizes the risk of ripping off lash hairs.Magnetic liner is okay. Not my favorite. Takes forever to dry and is really runny. So I use my own brand and it works wonders. If you guys have a hard time using the liner brush, take a slanted eyebrow brush and coat the tip with the liner and that’ll make it super easy to draw an even line. If you like doing a cat eye, use your favorite regular eyeliner to draw the shape, then fill in with the magnetic eyeliner.Overall LOVE THESE AND LOVE THE BRAND CUCKOO! I just ordered more from this brand and I’m excited to get them in the mail. Delivery literally took 2 days and everything usually takes weeks to get to where I am (Pretoria). You won’t be disappointed!  

  4. Eunice

    They are easy to apply and looks very natural

  5. Ashly

    These arrived today and OMG I am so in love with them! These eyelashes are absolutely gorgeous! All five pairs are just beautiful! The best part is that the lash band is not too thick and the eyelashes themselves are the perfect density. Not crazy thick but definitely not sparse. These are literally perfect and everything I look for in a lash.Thin band ✅Medium density✅Lightweight✅Gorgeous✅And to think for less than 200 rands! These are definitely going to be my new go to lashes from now on. If you’re thinking of trying magnetic lashes try these first!

  6. Shelly

    Let me start by saying these lashes are BEAUTIFUL! They’re my favorite set. I am wearing the 801 in this pic. (they’re my fav). The Style 1  is thicker, a little shorter, and perfect for an every day wear. Style 2 and 3 is a beautiful set too.  Worth the buy even just for the lash sets! 

  7. Lanea

    Great quality! Great price!!

  8. Elissa

    I absolutely LOVE THESE!!! I am not a makeup kinda girl and I never have been able to use eye lashes!!!! I CAN USE THESE AND I AM BEYOND EXCITED I KEEP PUTTING THE DIFFERENT ONES ON AND OFF!!! They are definitely reusable as I keep doing it over and over again!!! This was probably the BEST BUY I HAVE EVER MADE!!! I love feeling pretty and not having to put make up on…. all it takes is the lashes!!! And IF I CAN DO THEM TRUST TRUST TRUST ME….. ANYONE CAN!!! I am beyond excited, happy and can’t wait to wear them EVERY DAY!!! They are that easy and comfortable!!! I am just so amazed I can’t believe it myself!!! Truly!!!! MUST BUY!!! 

  9. Heather

    Yay product fabulous!!! It took les then 2 minutes on both eyes

  10. Candace 

    Love these lashes have gotten quite a few compliments. Easier to apply than glue lashes. If you use eye liner than you can apply these lashes with ease

  11. Chantel

     These are GORGEOUS. They fit the eye perfectly and I haven’t needed to trim them to fit or to remove sharp edges. Super affordable in comparison to other bundles. I chose these not only for the price but the look. I used to get lash extensions but 1. They are pricey 2. I hated the fall out and blank spots and 3. I hated not being able to rub my eyes how I wanted lol. These are a great alternative. I’m TERRIBLE at false lashes yet these are soooo simple. They are simple to apply, although the liner isn’t the best I’ve tried in regards to magnetic liners, it’s def not the worst. The liner just is more watery-like which makes it harder to make a perfect line in combination with the flexible liner tip. But that’s not a super big issue. The more you apply the liner, the more you get comfortable and prepared for how to apply it how you want. That’s makeup period though, practice makes perfect. I chose these not only because of their affordability but because of their variety. I chose these because they are EXTRA. Like I stated before, I always got extensions and I’ve always gone for va-va-VOOM extra, I love volume, dark/thickness, fluff and just out there! So these are great. Many other bundles are very plain but these def aren’t. My ONLY complaints are that the liner is difficult to remove (so tip: use oil based makeup wipes!) and that you do have to apply two layers so the lashes stay better. Not a major issue but they do take a bit of time to dry (you want to be sure they’re completely dry before applying). Overall, I do think the liner needs some work but it’s def not the worst. I often use these lashes (because they’re my fav lol) and combine it with this other magnetic liner I like more and they work great together. These lashes do not just fall off. They’re super easy to attach (I use my hands cause I find that easier) and last ALL DAY. 

  12. Brittany

    I love these lashes, they look so natural and pretty.On the last picture I combined two of them together and got this dramatic look. I love em and get alot of compliments when I wear them. A must have, just take your time when applying the magnetic liner if you are new to these. Easy to remove with make up remover wipes.    

  13. Hannah

    I did not think these would be as good as they are! I ordered awhile ago the expensive ones (like R300!!) and lost one …so I just wanted something quick for a weekend. Easy to use, stays on, and you can reuse one pair a LOT. GREAT value for SO many pairs!

  14. Doreen

    I wandered around, picked up a magnetic eyelash, and tried it on a number of brands. As an experienced Online Shopper, I’m happy with this

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