Are magnetic eyelashes really worth the hype

Are magnetic eyelashes really worth the hype?

Traditional glue lashes are still popular. However magnetic eyelashes are just amazing.

Glue lashes tend to be less favorable on the aspect that, they are messy, time consuming to apply and so challenging to remove. Sometimes the process of taking glue lashes off is accompanied with a lash shedding of one or two of your natural lashes. That’s really frustrating especially if you are on a journey of attaining voluminous eyelashes.

Besides we all wear false eyelashes to attain enhanced voluminous eyelashes. Therefore, we really can’t afford to lose any strip of our natural lashes.

Having said the above, glue lashes can be replaced by magnetic lashes.

What are Magnetic Eyelashes?

What are magnetic eyelashesMagnetic eyelashes are false eyelashes with magnets along the lash base. To wear magnetic eyelashes, you either use a magnetic eyeliner or a second strip of your magnetic lashes.

(You put the second strip underneath your natural lashes and the first strip on top of your natural lashes).

A lot of ladies often struggle with the second strip lash hence they find comfort in using a magnetic eyeliner instead of a second strip.


What’s up with the Magnetic Eyelash hype

Magnetic lashes are highly appealing because they are so easy to apply, so easy to remove and reusable. Magnetic eyelashes are less likely to rip off your natural eyelashes, they don’t require any messy glue to use them.

The moment you will discover how easy it is to wear magnetic lashes, believe me, you would want to wear them almost every single day.


How To Wear Magnetic Eyelashes

How to wear magnetic eyelashes

  1. Draw an eyeliner line close to the roots of your real eyelashes
  2. Bend your magnetic eyelashes so they become softer and a perfect fit and shape for your eye shape
  3. Pick your magnetic eyelash using a tweezer and place it above your real eyelashes
  4. The magnetic band should be close enough to connect to the magnetic eyeliner you have drew
  5. Make sure to place your magnetic eyeliner before it totally dries
  6. Gentle adjust your eyelash making sure it has perfectly fit.


How To Remove Magnetic Eyelashes

  1. Put liquid make up remover on your cotton pads
  2. Close your eyes, put the cotton pad on your eyelash, gentle press and tap, making sure the liquid make up you have immense on your cotton pad, spread equally to the eyelash.
  3. Wait for approximately 1 minute, thereafter, remove the eyelash.
  4. Clean your eyelid area
  5. Also clean your eyelash so you could reuse it next time.

Conclusively, it is always advisable to try out these lashes before any big event. It will give you enough room to practice wearing them until satisfied. By the way, if you haven’t tried magnetic lashes yet grab them from Adornelt.

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