Pastel Eyeliners are your solution To Color Pop Eyes. Be Part of this Tik Tok Beauty Trend.

A Pastel Eyeliner is your solution To Color Pop Eyes.

In the world of makeup there is always a new look taking social media sites by storm. Among the most endowed makeup looks to try out during this summer is the Pastel eyeliner. In South Africa we are currently approaching warmer months hence the paramount need of summer/ Spring makeup trends.

The pastel eyeliner is the makeup look that screams summer or spring. Just a soft swipe of it, is enough to add a pop of color to your spring/ summer makeup routine.

This is the most preferable makeup look during warm seasons. The reason being, it pronounces your presence in a crowd. It could be either a weekend outing with friends or just mere gateways. Not only does it draw awesome comment from loved ones, but it also asserts your boldness and coolness. It makes you feel like “Ooh yes, I`ve got my entire shit together girl!

This makeup look can be pulled off by almost everyone, inclusive the newbies. This is because it really doesn’t require complicated makeup artistic skills. For a more flattery advanced effect you can simply pair it up with a no-makeup makeup look or a cotton candy eye makeup look.

How to pull off a Pastel Eyeliner Makeup Look

The thought of pulling off a pastel eyeliner look can be intimidating for the first time. Some of the questions that are likely to come to mind are;

How does one rock a pastel eyeliner look without looking like a kindergarten kid who played with her chalk all over her face?


Pastels ? #Eyeliner #makeup #graphiceyeliner

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The truth of the matter is that it really intimidating at all. You just have to adhere to your skin complexion. In other words the pastel liner should harmonize with your skin tone.

If you have a;

  • Reddish undertone opt for a mint shade
  • Olive skin tone opt for light orange or peachy shade
  • For darker complexions opt for lavender, lilac or baby blue
  • For brown eyes opt for bold hues such as blue, green or purple. These colors help your eyes to appear lighter and more vibrant. You can also go for smoked black eyeliner to create a dreamy and sultry look.

In regards to texture, consider a pastel liner with a smooth satin finish. This will help to avoid you walking around with a chalk-ish makeup finish.

Different ways to wear a Pastel Eyeliner

If you are as adventurous as we are at Adornelt about makeup, you surely agree with us that the same makeup product can be used to pull off a variety of different makeup looks.

  1. Add it to your waterline

Adding pastel eyeliner to your waterline makes the white part of your eyes to pop up. In other words your eyes will look whiter.

  1. Use it as an Eye shadow Base

Using Pastel eyeliner as an eyeshadow base brightens up your eyelids thus inducing more warmth and vibrancy.

  1. Use it to widen your eyes.

Have you ever found yourself admiring wide eyes? Well, you can also have them by merely creating an illusion of wide eyes using pastel eyeliner. It is the simpler, quicker and a little sneaky way to elongate your eyes.

  1. Create lift brows

Once in a while a different whole look of lifter brows asserts an unusual eye makeup look. This is done for the sole purpose to create an illusion of lift brows. You can attain lifted brows by merely drawing eyeliner underneath and on top of your brows. Thereafter, gently subtle the liner to achieve a subtle highlight effect.

  1. Use it to recreate a cat eye makeup look.

It’s so normal that you could be used to a traditional cat eye makeup look. An eye makeup look you often attain using black eyeliner. However, you can create a different whole look of a cat eye with a pastel liner. A blue or mint green wing will definitely breathe in a new life to your makeup routine.

  1. Add a touch of a highlight to your inner corners

Sometimes inner corners appear much darker compared to the whole eye area. To correct this you can add a touch of a highlighter to open up the eye area. You can do this by using a shimmery white, peach or gold color for a more classic look.


As with all other industries, the beauty industry doesn’t lag behind. One of the 2021 makeup trends is the pastel eyeliner. If you are often drawn to classic bold looks, this trend is for you especially during the warm months.

Summer/ spring are generally known for warm colors. Among them are pastel liners that evoke a color pop eye makeup look.

For years pastels had been known to dominate the fashion runaways. However, the case is now different. Those pastels are now found on our eyelids. During the first days it can be intimidating to rock pink, blue or lilac liners. However the results are just amazing. You will be surprised with the wonderful effect it has when you open your eyes on the mirror.

Also the beauty part about makeup is that your artistic skills are boundless. Some of the ways you can utilize to highlight your most beautiful features are already aforementioned.

Don’t dwell on the same makeup look over and over again. Spread your wings and showcase your magnificent beauty.

Stay Beautiful & Own that Look!



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