Gel Nail Polish

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8ml medium sized Gel Nail Polish Bottle suitable for Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Keep your Nails in Good Condition With Color Gel Nail Polish That Doesn’t Chip


  • GEL NAIL POLISH – 8ml medium sized Gel Nail Polish Bottle suitable for Spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • ECONOMY PACK – Affordable gel Color Gel Polish Bottle. Designed for everyday usage.
  • HEALTHY AND LONGLASTING – This Color Nail Gel is made from high quality natural resins. It is safe to use and has low odor. 
  • EASY TO USE – This Color Gel Polish comprises of an ultra soft brush that is ideal for smooth color gel polish application. It is ideal for everyday use and highly suitable to apply on subtle corners of your nails thus helping you to create a smooth finish
  • DURABLE – This bling Color Gel polish last for 3 weeks. It is long lasting and very durable. With proper care it can last up to 30 days.  
  • HIGH CAPACITY – the container of this gel polish is designed to hold gel polish of a capacity of 8ml, It is airtight thus keeping your gel polish in good condition. The material used in manufacturing this gel polish is durable making it challenging to crack
  • BEST GIFT – You could gift your loved ones with this gel polish. It is a brilliant gift for birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, mothers day, Valentine`s day and any other special occasions
  • QUICK TO CURE – The average amount of time for curing this gel polish is 30s to 60s. Use  a UV/LED Nail Lamp to cure this gel Nail Polish.  Cure at every apply you make. 
  • ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTHY – 8mls Gel Nail Polish made from toxin free ingredients. This makes it safe for usage and for the environment. No harsh ingredients or adhesive that could cause Nail Damage.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – This color gel polish is ideal for a smooth finish and a subtle manicure look. It is ideal for Nail art and manicure lovers. Hence, we promise you 100% guarantee. 


Size – 8mls

State – Liquid

Quality – High quality


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