Eyebrow Kit 5 Pcs Eyebrow Contour Grooming Kit

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You can have any beautiful color brows you’ve always wanted using this eyebrow kit! Due to its fine powders, it is not only suitable for eyebrows, even perfect for shadows and eye shadows

A Must Have Eyebrow Kit to Groom, Define, Fill IN and Flawlessly Shape Your Eyebrows in the Most Attractive Way.

You can have any beautiful color brows you’ve always wanted using this eyebrow kit! Due to its fine powders, it is not only suitable for eyebrows, even perfect for shadows and eye shadows


  • MONEY SAVING – It is much Cheaper to buy an eyebrow kit compared to purchasing individual components separately.
  • 12 BEAUTIFUL COLOR SHADES – You can have any beautiful color brows you’ve always wanted! Due to its fine powders, it is not only suitable for eyebrows, even perfect for shadows and eye shadows
  • SLANTED BROW BRUSH – used to precisely apply brow powder
  • ALL IN ONE EYEBROW KIT – It’s a prefect brow contour kit for people who do not have brows or very limited brows to work with, like no brow hair, half brows/ work on, scarred and damaged brows. Moreover, this eyebrow kit comprise of all the essential products you need to style and groom any type of brow and brow shape.
  • SPOOLIE – used for grooming your eyebrow hairs into place. It softens harsh powder lines through blending the colors
  • EYEBROW POWDER – Used to fill in the gaps and sparse areas of your brows.
  • MATTE HIGHLIGHTER (whitish powder) – used under the eyebrow arches to define the shape of the brows.
  • EYEBROW STENCIL – Used as a drawing guide to shape your eyebrows. The stencils in this eyebrow kit are designed to mimic the most desired shapes of your eyebrows. The brush on dual powder darkens and enhances your eyebrows for higher definition. It also creates perfectly arched brows with concentrated colors that easily apply with our slant tipped brush


  • The package Includes; 1 Eyebrow, Tweezer, 12 Eyebrow Powder shades, 4 Eyebrow stencil. 1 Eyeliner, 1 Dual ended angled Spoolie brush


Shape your eyebrows using a eyebrow stencil. Thereafter, apply the lighter shade at the inner brows (nearer to the nose). Then, Sweep the darker shade halfway through the arch and blend with a Spoolie. Afterwards, lightly and gently Apply the highlighter to the under arch using the slanted brush. It is much Cheaper to buy an eyebrow kit compared to purchasing individual components separately.


8 reviews for Eyebrow Kit 5 Pcs Eyebrow Contour Grooming Kit

  1. Raquel

    Love it !! I am a beginner to styling my own eyebrows and this was so simple and came out looking great !! I went on a run when it was really hot and even though the rest of my makeup didn’t survive the sweat , my eyebrows didn’t even smudge !! Highly recommended! ! 

  2. Melissa

    In all honesty, this is my first eyebrow kit. So I don’t have very much to compare it to. Don’t let that stop you from reading this because its actually really great!! So if you’re a beginner, please do keep reading. As someone who has never really applied make-up, this was a big deal for me. I included pictures so you can see the before and after product. The brush is firm. I mean, it definitely combs through the coarseness of my eyebrows. And let me just tell you something about that, I LOVE IT. Thank you for realizing that eyebrows not only come in varying colors but also textures. This one little kit really works. I mean, my eyebrows are still not twins. But thats okay because its totally user error. Either way, the truth is, I’m getting there. And I LOVE IT.Now… I was NOT PAID or GIVEN ANY DISCOUNT for this. I actually really bought it and wanted to give a real review. However… if you would like to give me a discount or send me something awesome to try… I would love it 😀 Never know until you ask right :D****Edit:Hey! So, I have gotten quite a bit of practice using this… and. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!I don’t see how I ever walked out the house without using before.   

  3. Chrissy

    At first, I wasn’t pleased…and that was because i made a mess trying to use the cut out brow shape that came with it. So I decided to try again but this time, without the shaper and voila! I’ve never had a fuller and more natural looking brow! I was gonna go for a microblading I had to cancel cos I loved the result afterwards! I just applied it following the shape of my natural brow and the result is the picture you’re looking at! (I trimmed my brow the way I normally did before I applied it)So if you’re having difficulty with the shaper, just follow the shape of your trimmed or plucked brow, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

  4. Bianca

    I have eyebrows that are thin yet wide in width. Dark. With wild hairs near the front. I’ve been sick of them for a while now, but I had no experience in doing eyebrows. I used this and WOW what a difference. 

  5. Cindy

    I’ve had many brow kits over the years (I’m kinda obsessed with them) this one is by far the best definitely worth the money… my cousin always ask me how I do my eyebrows so I sent her one for Easter she was so grateful she send me a selfie almost everyday raving about itA few cons tho,,, the highlight powder isn’t my favorite I still use concealer to clean up my brows& I still use pencil to sharpen up my lines and square off the beginning of my brow (the stencil makes em round)But definitely exceeded my expectations for the price 

  6. Alexa

    You might need a few tries to get the results your looking for, but I found the product to be surprisingly good. A little practice and I got the look I was hoping for. After a few times, I stopped bothering with the stencil, as I had the design down pat. I lost nearly all of my natural brows, the few I have are white. I was concerned that this would look painted on. Actually, much more natural looking than the brow pencil I had been using and covers the gray/white quite well. The powder stays on (wax included to set the powder) — even all night.  There are far more colors than you can use on your brows, so I started using the lighter browns for contouring the eyelids and creases. As an older woman (63), the matte finish on these powders is far more flattering than any eyeshadows I’ve found. Getting ready to travel, and pleased to discover I can use this kit for all my eye makeup needs. The less you have to pack, the better.

  7. Nadia

    I barely have eye brows, so I had a real hard time aligning them up, because I had nothing there to use as a guide, and also repeating the other side was hard, but I practiced for two days, and  the results, not too bad, the finished brow is very square at the very beginning of the brow toward your nose, so I tried to round them a bit. The concealer and hi-lighter were a life saver!  you can make them thinner by going over it with the concealer. The brow color won’t come off as you’re putting the concealer on! Watch some YouTube videos first. Good luck! 

  8. Alliya

    Brows are fickle things because they don’t like to keep up with current fashion trends. If you have thick brows and thin brows are in, you are in trouble. If you have thin brows and thicks brows are in, you are plain out of luck. And if you don’t have a knack for drawing brows, then forgettaboutit.I have naturally thin and light brows.I have a color of brows normally seen on natural blonds. And that was fine when I was young and had light hair. But when I became an adult, my hair got dark…and my brows have not caught up. So, I have light-colored, extra thin eyebrows during a thick eyebrow world. I pretty much decided to live with it until I saw this product.I needed a product that helped me shape, draw, and color my brows in a way that looked natural and this product needed to be fool proof. Until now I did not find such a product.I fully expected this product to have something that wouldn’t work for me. But, they covered all their bases. They have different stencils for different face and brow shapes, they have different shades that can blend together to get a perfect match, they have tweezers, and finally a natural colored product that sets the brows in place. This is the only time I have been able to fill in my sparse brows in a way that did not look drawn on. Until I found this product I did not ever think I could have attractive eyebrows. I am happy that I have been proved wrong.This product exceeded my expectations.Great work to whoever made it!!Anyone out there who wants to be a brow Jedi, well, this is your product!

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